New Business

  1. Donnie Stepp has resigned from his board position. Remainder of his term is open.
  2. LCB visit. They were contacted anonymously 3 times in the last 2 months. No issues.
  3. Upcoming events for April include craft show and pond opening.
  4. Bylaws need to be redone to revise the date of meetings. We must list that meeting are done monthly and not on a specific date.

Old Business

  1. Balance of loan is $15470.00. We still have no had to use the loan for any purpose.
  2. As far as our water issues, we will be setting up a meeting with Mike from DEP. He will walk us through the checklist and we need to provide answers to questionnaire. All engineering will be covered with a grant from the DEP.
  3. Jordan Totani was voted in as a new board member to replace the balance of Jermey Rinkers term.
  4. We will be considering offering a Monday night bingo. Also suggested was a trivia and karaoke night.
  5. We have the opportunity to purchase LED lights for our parking lot. 4 lights cost $600 total. All officers and board agreed to table til next meeting.
  6. We will hold another gun raffle, a AR15. This is a $20 ticket. All present were in agreement.


Copeechan Fish & Game


   Previous Meetings Minutes Approved.

                                             Report of the Committees:

Kitchen: Kitchen had a profit of $926.54

Grounds/Maintenance: Oil change on equipment needs to be done before mowing season

Pond/Fishing: Fish were ordered, stocking scheduled for 4/12/21 approx 1500lbs

Membership: All new members were approved.

Treasurer: Starting balance as of Feb $8485.09 Over $2000 spend on oil, $500 on propane.